Incorporated into the Quebec Business Register on November 15, 1971, under the name CLUB DE MOTOS NEIGE DE LA MAURICIE INC., and chaired by Gilles Mailhot, Jules Dupont, Secretary, and Richard Diamond, Treasurer, the group of volunteers and their successors continued to work for the smooth running and development of the snowmobile industry in the Mauricie region.
At the very beginning, trails ran from the Cabane to Hill to Charrette, passing through Lac Gareau and Shawinigan.
In the first year, the founders endorsed the Club for $ 10,000.00, and also received a $ 52,000.00 government grant to promote the sport of snowmobiling.
With this money, a new groomer was purchased, and the Club started to apply for land use and clearing.
After five years, the Club maintained 240 kilometers of trails with three groomers, and had 800 members. In 1984-85, during the economic crisis, membership fell to 300 members.
In the 2000s, on the other hand, there were about 1200 members.
At first, all the accounting was done manually. With the arrival of Windows in the '90s, letters were written on Word Perfect, and accounting on Simply Accounting.
We must not forget the arrival of the GST and QST, the payroll system, and the annual projects that contributed money to the Club.

During all these years, many presidents and volunteers have succeeded to keep the Club in a good financial situation. Just think of Gilles Mailhot, Richard Diamond, Ghislain Lacerte, Louise Yergeau, Jacques Lacroix, Luc Champagne, Jean-Claude Tessier, Francis Jacques, Serge Gelinas, Jean-Louis Grosleau, René Thibodeau and Louis Germain
to name only those.

Formed as a Board of Directors comprised of a president, a secretary and ten directors, the Club continued to grow, with good and bad seasons.
Beginning with a few kilometers of trails maintained roughly with the means of the edge, the territory grows over the years to travel 240 kilometers, then 290 kilometers since 2012.

What makes the strength of a club is the involvement and the arms of its volunteers. The salary of the volunteers is the step in the back of their peers and the satisfaction of participating in the success and development of the organization.

Le Club de Motos Neige de la Mauricie has an autonomous structure and is a member of the F.C.M.Q. (Fédération des Clubs de Motoneigistes du Québec), which has been in existence for more than 44 years and represents all snowmobile enthusiasts from Quebec and elsewhere, as well as some 201 affiliated clubs.

          Our mission is essentially devoted to promoting and developing the sport of snowmobiling on our territory. Our Club is developing, maintaining, signaling, and securing our 290 kilometers, as well as the sale and management of our territory's land use.

          The Club has four groomers criss-crossing the trails only at night, during a period from December to April, for the best possible state of the trails and the safety of the users.

          The served territory is between Notre-Dame du Mont-Carmel south of Shawinigan and Doheney located north of Lac aux Sables, east-west direction, from Notre-Dame de Montauban in the east to the sector of Pins Rouges near St-Mathieu du Parc to the west. The St-Maurice, Batiscan, Des Envies, Lac à la Tortue and Shawinigan Rivers cross our territory.

          Year after year, about 1000 snowmobilers buy their trail permit to our Club to enjoy our trails and allow us to maintain and develop them.

         Thank you to all the players in the snowmobile world of our beautiful region ...

                                  And especially a very big <Thank you> to all the builders and volunteers ...