Land Use

Thank you, a thousand thanks ...

Thank you to all the companies, organizations that give the snowmobile club the right to pass on their property, without this right, there would be no path to practice our sport.Some people ask themselves a lot of questions before giving a land use to a Club and using part of their property. Ask the representative of the Club who meets you for a land use, a copy of the leaflet <This land, your land ...> prepared by La Fédération des Club de Motoneigistes du Québec.
This booklet will answer a lot of questions and you can put your copy of the land use there.

Owner's friends, read section 17.1 of Act respecting off-highway vehicles:

17.1 No legal action may be brought against the owner or lessee of private land that authorizes an off-highway vehicle club to lay out and operate a trail on the land, for reparation of any damage related to the operation of an off-highway vehicle on the trail unless the damage results from an intentional or gross fault on the part of the owner or lessee.

Snowmobile friends, help your club maintain its land use by respecting the signage on the trails and moving between the markers that mark the trail. In this way, you will help your club keep the trail in one place from one year to the next. By the same token the quality of the trails will be improved.
The law on off-road vehicles provides for penalties when vehicles travel outside of the beacons, Article 55.1 is very clear on this subject:

The operator of an off-highway vehicle travelling on private land without the owner’s and the lessee’s consent is guilty of an offence and is liable to a fine of $450 to $900.

        The owner of an off-road vehicle who allowed or tolerated a driver of his vehicle on private land without the authorization of the owner and the tenant of that land is guilty of an offense and is liable to the same fine as that provided for in the first paragraph.

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